When is Easter?

Easter is a significant holiday for millions of people around the world. It is a time for celebration, reflection, and renewal. While many of us know that this event occurs in the springtime, the exact date can vary from year to year. In this blog post, we will explore the history of event, the factors that determine its dates

A Complete Guide to the Dates and History of this Celebrated Christian Holiday


It is one of the most important Christian holidays, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and celebration for millions of people around the world. However, many people are often confused about the date of this event, which changes every year. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of special day, the various dates it can fall on, and how it’s celebrated around the world.

What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose from the dead on the third day, which is celebrated as Easter Sunday. This is the culmination of the Holy Week, which also includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

When is Easter?

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. This means that Easter can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25 each year. The exact date of Easter can be determined using a complex calculation based on the lunar cycle, which was established by the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. This year it will be on Sun, Apr 9, 2023

Why does Easter change every year?

The date of Event changes every year because it is based on the lunar cycle, which is approximately 29.5 days. This means that its dates can vary by up to five weeks each year. In addition, the date of the spring equinox can also vary slightly, which can further impact the date of Easter.

How is Easter celebrated around the world?

Easter is celebrated in many different ways around the world, with each culture adding its own unique traditions and customs to the holiday. In many Christian countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Easter is a time for attending church services, gathering with family, and enjoying a special meal. Children often participate in  egg hunts, where they search for decorated eggs hidden by the special bunny.

In other countries, such as Spain and Italy, It is celebrated with processions and parades that feature elaborate floats, religious icons, and traditional costumes. In Greece, It is a time for fasting and prayer, culminating in a midnight church service on Event day Sunday.


Easter is a time for reflection, prayer, and celebration for millions of people around the world. While the date may changes every year, it remains an important holiday for Christians and non-Christians alike. By understanding the history and traditions , we can better appreciate the significance of this special holiday. Whether you’re attending a church service, gathering with family, or participating in an egg hunt, we wish you a happy and blessed Easter season.

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